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Trailer Parts Direct’s range of fastener’s offers a broad selection of fasteners for many truck and trailer applications. Stock available includes Anti Luce Fasteners, Door Hold backs, Heavy duty over center fasteners, spring bolts, tie downs and so much more. Fasteners can be purchased in zinc, galvanized and stainless steel finishes. When we look at introducing a new line of fasteners we firstly examine the quality, applications and the full range existing in both Australian and global markets. Quite often camper trailer, caravan and boat fabrication work involving our range of fasteners generally means you might also have a need for our extensive range gas struts, locks & handles, drawer slides, foam & rubber seals, hinges, antiluce fastener and much more. Be sure to check our full range before you check out and take advantage of our flat rate shipping.

Tie Downs

Pre Order End of January

Spring Bolt

Anti – Luce Fastners

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Door Hold Backs

Over Centre Fasteners

Finger Pulls

Pre-Order End of February / Early March