Trailer Parts Direct carry an extensive range of vehicle drawer systems and accessories manufactured locally and abroad. TPD has many kinds of drawer systems including cargo drawers, fridge slides, combo drawers, ute drawers and so much more. Our vehicle drawers and systems here at TPD are made from 3mm aluminium making them strong but light in weight. All TPD’s drawer systems, fridge slides, etc benefit from being fabricated on our market leading drawer slides. Our cargo drawers are ideal for vehicle fitouts including Toyota Landcruiser’s and Nissan Patrols to name a few. When we look at introducing a new line of cargo drawers and fridge runners we firstly examine the quality, applications and the full range existing in both Australian and global markets.

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Cargo Drawers - Under Tray Ute Drawers

Under Tray Ute Drawers

Cargo Drawers - Aluminium Drawers

Aluminium Drawers

Trailer Parts Direct stocks a wide range of aluminium drawers for ute trays, trailers and vans. Shop online today for the best prices on high quality aluminium drawers.

Cargo Drawers - Canopy Cargo Drawers

Canopy Cargo Drawers

Cargo Drawers - Canopy Pantry

Canopy Pantry

Install a canopy pantry for functional storage

A canopy pantry is a game-changer for anyone who spends time adventuring outdoors. Trailer Parts Direct offers a range of high-quality canopy pantries to suit a variety of needs and budgets. These innovative storage solutions help you organise your camping essentials, tools, and recovery gear within your ute canopy, keeping everything within easy reach.
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