Trailer Parts Direct carry a massive selection of aluminium fridge slides and accessories manufactured locally and abroad. Our range is made from 3mm aluminium making them strong but light in weight and slide on our 125kg locking and 227kg locking drawer slides. You might also be interested in our accompanying products including cargo drawers and cages. Our slides are ideal for vehicle fit-outs including Toyota Land cruiser’s and Nissan Patrols to name a few and work fantastic with many market leading chest fridge / freezers.

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Fridge Slide - Clearview Easy Slides

Clearview Easy Slides

Effortless fridge access with the Clearview Easy Slide

Transform your fridge into a slide-out drawer with the high-quality Clearview Easy Slides from Trailer Parts Direct. These Australian-designed slides are built to handle the demands of off-road adventures, making accessing your food and drinks more accessible than ever while you’re on the go.
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Fridge Slide - Fridge Slide Benches

Fridge Slide Benches

Maximise your space with our DIY Fridge Slide Benches

Get the most out of your fridge slide with our fridge slide benches! These clever accessories allow you to easily convert your fridge slide into a handy bench or table, maximising space and functionality in your ute, trailer or caravan. Made from high-quality materials, our Fridge Slide Benches are built to withstand the toughest Aussie adventures.
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Fridge Slide - Fridge Slide Cable Caddy

Fridge Slide Cable Caddy

Tame the tangle with a Cable Caddy

With Trailer Parts Direct’s fridge slide cable caddy, you won’t have to worry about damaging your fridge power cable. This handy accessory is designed to neatly manage your fridge cable as your fridge slides in and out. Made with a heavy-duty 6mm cable and featuring a convenient 12V accessory socket, the fridge slide cable caddy is a simple and effective solution for any fridge slide set-up. We also offer a tilt fridge slide cable caddy for added functionality.

If you’re unsure which fridge slides cable caddy is right for you, or have any questions about installation, speak to our expert team today.

Fridge Slide - Sideways Tilt Fridge Slides

Sideways Tilt Fridge Slides

Effortless access with our Sideways Tilt Fridge Slides

Say goodbye to struggling to reach the back of your fridge! Our sideways tilt fridge slides allow you to effortlessly extend and tilt your fridge comfortably, making accessing your food and drinks easy. These Australian-designed slides are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium and are built tough for any adventure.

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Fridge Slide - Bushmaster Series Range

Bushmaster Series Range

Heavy-duty storage with the Bushmaster Fridge Slide and Cargo Drawer

Take your off-road storage to the next level with the Bushmaster Series Range. This premium range of fridge slides and cargo drawers are built for the toughest adventures in mind. Made from high-quality Australian steel, the Bushmaster Series is designed to handle heavy loads and harsh conditions, making it the perfect choice for serious 4WD enthusiasts.

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Fridge Slide - Caravan & UTE Tray Systems

Caravan & UTE Tray Systems

Stay organised with a Ute tray trailer system

Transform how you pack your caravan or ute tray with our caravan and ute tray systems. This innovative product allows you to create a customised storage solution that perfectly suits your needs. The aluminium tub slide is a heavy-duty drawer system designed for ultimate functionality and convenience.

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Fridge Slide - Cargo Drawer / Fridge Slides

Cargo Drawer / Fridge Slides

Save money on cargo drawer and fridge slides for your trailer. We offer high quality products at wholesale prices to the public. Visit us today!

Fridge Slide - Fridge Slides & Accessories

Fridge Slides & Accessories

Upgrade your setup with camper, trailer & 4WD Fridge Slide Accessories

Trailer Parts Direct has everything you need to get the most out of your fridge slide! Our extensive range of fridge slide accessories allows you to customise your setup for ultimate functionality and convenience.
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Fridge Slide - MSA Explorer Cargo Drawers, Drop Slides And Accessories

MSA Explorer Cargo Drawers, Drop Slides And Accessories

Upgrade your setup with MSA fridge drop slides and accessories

Get your MSA at Trailer Parts Direct, offering a unique range of Explorer Cargo Drawers, Drop Slides, and Accessories. These products are not just about storage and access, they are about enhancing your off-road experience with their robust design and innovative features.
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Fridge Slide - Sideways Fridge Slides

Sideways Fridge Slides

Easy Access with Sideways Extending Fridge Slides

Are you struggling to reach for that cold beer or kids juice at the back of your fridge? Sideways fridge slides are the perfect solution for utes, trailers, and caravans! Trailer Parts Direct offers a range of high-quality fridge slides built with strong, lightweight aluminium for maximum durability.

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Fridge Slide - Slide & Tilt Fridge Slides

Slide & Tilt Fridge Slides

Dual functionality with slide and tilt fridge slides

Looking for the ultimate fridge access solution for your 4WD, camper, or caravan? Look no further than Trailer Parts Direct’s innovative slide and tilt fridge slides. These premium slides combine smooth sideways extension with a user-friendly tilting mechanism, providing unparalleled access to your food and drinks.
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Fridge Slide - Standard Fridge Slides

Standard Fridge Slides

How Does a Fridge Slide Work?

Fridge slides are a fantastic storage solution for vehicles like utes, trailers, campers and caravans. They consist of a sliding tray mounted on heavy-duty rails. You can effortlessly pull out your fridge by unlocking the slide mechanism for easy access to food and drinks. Locking mechanisms ensure your fridge stays securely in place while travelling.
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Fridge Slide - Canopy Pantry

Canopy Pantry