Are premium quality gas struts and rubber seals worth the extra money?


There are two 4WD accessories that are not given much thought, but are seriously worth their weight in gold, and these are gas struts and rubber seals. You can buy cheap examples of both of these items or you can spend a bit more money and buy a quality product. The problem is knowing where to spend your money and where to cut costs. Let’s take a look at both of these products to see why you should buy quality and not the cheap alternatives.

Why invest in quality gas struts?

Of all your 4WD accessories, gas struts are one that are little considered, but can be one of the most useful. This is because they are used to open and close bonnets, windows, doors, canopies and tail gates and they make life so much easier. They contain a mix of highly pressurised nitrogen gas and oil and are very durable with a long lifespan. Most failures however, are due to a gradual loss of nitrogen over time and you usually notice that it is getting harder to open or close something. Sometimes you can re-gas these struts, but quality replacements are not expensive and when you rely on them so much in the bush or outback, it is always better to install genuine 4WD accessories every time. Not forgetting that the cheaper options can fail more quickly than the genuine parts, costing you more money in the long run.

Why invest in quality rubber seals?

Rubber seals have a variety of uses in 4WDs, caravans and camper trailers and when they split or wear out, they can be quite annoying. In general, rubber seals are used to keep out dust or water from entering your toolbox or entering through windows, doors and tailgates. This is another of the 4WD accessories that you don’t usually think about until they fail and suddenly you have water coming in through the door. As you can imagine, a cheap option might not last as long as the premium products, so it is always worthwhile investing in quality seals for your 4WD, caravan, trailer or other off-road equipment. To check if your gas struts or rubber seals are in stock, call us on 1300 210 549 or send us an email.