4WD accessories: Tips on cargo drawers for beginners

eco series cargo drawers 1030x6851

When you’re considering all your options for 4WD accessories, don’t forget to check out the different types of cargo drawers that are available. If you don’t think that these drawers are important 4×4 accessories, then you are about to be educated on the benefits of cargo drawers for both work and play.

This is because these drawer systems are the ideal 4WD accessories for tradies’ trucks, as well as for camping trips, whether in the bush or at managed camp sites. They allow you to organise everything in the back of your truck and are installed on sliders for easy access. Let’s take a quick overview of the things to look out for when selecting a drawer system for your 4WD.

Quality Materials: High quality, well-designed cargo drawers won’t bend, twist, rattle, vibrate or break. 4×4 accessories, such as drawers that are constructed from galvanised steel, are very strong and will last the distance. They are better than aluminium, even though it’s a lighter and cheaper material than steel. Look for stainless steel fittings and screws, flush mounted latches, and dust proof sealed bearings for smooth action.

Load capacity: You might be surprised at the weight of the loads that you need to fit into your cargo drawers, anything from tools to gas bottles to recovery gear, and it can easily add up to 100kg or more in one drawer. This means that you need a very strong drawer system that can take a battering, and is big enough to fit all your equipment, as well as having the right load capacity. It pays to take your time selecting these 4WD accessories, because it will be difficult to make any changes once they are installed.

Layouts: Most cargo drawer systems are installed side-by-side or double-stacked. A side-by-side system gives you a much clearer view out the back of your 4WD and more space on top of the drawers to pack other bulky 4WD accessories, such as satellite dishes, solar panels or a manual washing machine. It also gives your 4WD a lower centre of gravity than a double-stack, which is essential if you will be traversing complex terrain. A double-stack is ideal for containing your fridge on one side with the two drawers on the other side. The drawers can also be quite deep, giving you plenty of space to store gas bottles or extra water so that they don’t roll around.

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