5 of the best bush camping tips for saving water

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If you are heading off to the bush camping, it’s a good idea to have two caravan water tanks fitted, so that you can double up on your water supplies. Bush camping is completely different to camping in a caravan park, because it’s likely that you won’t have access to fresh water.

This means that along with other 4WD accessories that you need for carousing through the bush, caravan water tanks are one of the most important caravan accessories you need for a safe and comfortable trip. So with your caravan water tanks filled to the brim, here are 5 of the best water saving tips for bush camping.

  1. Washing up tips: Cook one pot meals and use the empty pot as your washing up bowl, as this helps to clean the pot. Only wash up once a day and wipe plates clean with a cloth before you wash them, so you don’t need as much water (you can rinse the cloth out in the shower).
  2. Showering tips: Some of the best 4WD accessories are outdoor showers, but an even better option is to have a good wash using a bowl of water. Otherwise, wet yourself in the shower and turn off the water while you soap yourself and shampoo your hair. Use an all in one shampoo and conditioner, so you don’t need to rinse your hair twice.
  3. Toilet tips: Outdoor camping toilets are awesome caravan accessories for bush camping, as you don’t need to use any water to flush. With a built-in toilet, only flush if necessary and if you also have an internal shower, save the used shower water to flush the toilet.
  4. Laundry tips: Use a bucket of water or a manual washing machine that doesn’t require much water to wash your clothes (the latter also make great gift 4WD accessories for camping enthusiasts). A better tip is to take enough clothes so that you don’t need to wash during your trip or if you are on the move, pull into a laundrette and use their water!
  5. Cleaning: You can use wet wipes to clean your hands, kid’s faces, food preparation surfaces and even the toilet bowl, saving your water for instances when you have no other options.

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