Best Fridge Slides and Accessories For Your 4WD 2022

Car fridge slides

If you have a portable fridge in your car, ute or 4WD, a car fridge slide could make your life a whole lot easier. From easy access to space utilisation, there are many reasons why you should consider a fridge slider. To point you in the right direction, here’s your introductory guide to all things fridge slides and accessories 

What are fridge slides?

A car fridge slide works in the same way as a drawer in your home. It allows you to slide out a car fridge so that you can easily and conveniently access whatever is inside. Often mounted straight on to the vehicle, the fridge sits on the base of the slide itself.

While some fridge slides work to merely improve access, some can actually be necessary. This will depend on the type of fridge you have (i.e. top or side access) and how high your vehicle is. For particularly high 4x4s or utes, or fridges with particular designs drop down fridge slides or side fridge slides can be essential. 

Using and installing 4×4 fridge slides

When using a refrigerator slide you’ll need to unlock the handle and engage the pulling mechanism to easily and effortlessly extend the slide and have the fridge come out smoothly. Depending on the exact model of the fridge slider’s function, the opening lever may come out over the fridge, may be under or on the side. Either way, most slides have a lock out mechanism to keep them securely and safely in place while the portable fridge is being accessed. Once you’re finished getting what you need, simply unlock and re-engage the handle mechanism to effortlessly slide the fridge back into place.

Installing a 4WD fridge slide can be surprisingly simple and even a perfect do-it-yourself job if you have the skills. The Trailer Parts Direct range of slides come with easy to use instructions, as well as many DIY videos online. Make sure that you have taken the time to measure the right space out of your vehicle before bolting the slide to the floor. While you can always uninstall and reinstall the slide, it’s more convenient and less stressful to just get in right the first time. 

Best fridge slides and accessories for your 4WD

Clearview Easy Slides

For our money, we think the patented, Aussie designed and made Clearview Easy Slides are among the best fridge slides on the market. Why? Made from heavy duty material and both designed and engineered to perfection, it’s a hard wearing and durable solution for accessing your car fridge slide.

Plus, the extensive safety locking mechanism ensures no sudden or unintended movements of the slide and the scissor lift is gas strut assisted so opening and closing the extension is a breeze.

Fridge slide benches

A slide bench is the perfect 4×4 fridge slide accessory. Apart from adding endlessly useful surface area on which you can work or prepare meals while on an off-road adventure, this affordable accessory can simply be clipped on and off your fridge slide.

There are a number of styles and models available depending on your preference and need, including benches that incorporate a sink, bottle opener, towel hooks and more!

Sideways Tilt Fridge Slides

The sideways tilt fridge slide is the ultimate solution for any utes or four-wheel-drives with side or back entry. Allowing you to pivot your fridge out, forward and downwards, seeing and grabbing what’s inside is easy. The reinforced struts and hardy structure gives you the ability to control the extension smoothly, with the tilt functionality keeping the fridge upright and usable at the same time.

Sideways fridge slides

There are multiple standard sized options for the sideways fridge slides depending on the base specifications of your fridge. Featuring high weight bearing capacity, lock in and lock out functionality and 3 millimetre high grade aluminium, the sideways slide is the simple, affordable and practical solution for fridges with side access.

Drop down fridge slides

Just like the name suggests, drop down fridge slides make reaching high or top-door car fridges easy. The gas-assisted struts allow you to stay in control of the drop down mechanism and requires little effort to open and close. Designed to work perfectly on flat surfaces or if you’re parked on bumpy terrain, there are few things more convenient for your car fridge than a 4×4 fridge drop slide.

Bushmaster Series Range

The Bushmaster series range comes with everything you need for a DIY fridge slide install. With anchor tracks, tie down rings (adjustable of course), locking drawer slides and high grade aluminium, it’s got it all. Plus, while there are standard sizes available, the Trailer Parts Direct team can certainly customise specifications to suit your particular application. Lastly, thanks to the fact that the Bushmaster range is Australian made, it’s more than up to the challenge of ongoing use and exposure to the Aussie outback environment.

Find the right car drawer fridge slide for you

Whether you’re looking for a fridge slide for your ute canopy, need a 4×4 fridge drop slide to suit a particular sace, or just want a simple side fridge slider, you can find it all and more at Trailer Parts Direct.

We’re a premier provider of all things hardware and accessories for 4WD canopies and ute trays, and we’d love to help you find the right fridge slide for your vehicle and needs as well.