Best Ute Canopies for your 4WD 2022

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Finding the best 4WD ute canopies

From standard and custom ute canopies to canvas and aluminium 4WD canopies, there are many different options and styles available. To help guide you towards finding the best 4WD ute canopies in 2022, we’ve put together this handy article.

What is a ute canopy?

In general, a canopy is a type of structure with a roof, walls, door and window that sits on the tray of a ute or four-wheel-drive. While in some applications the canopy can actually replace the original tray structure of the vehicle, many models including custom made ute canopies, can simply be attached to the existing tray floor and/or walls.

Usually used by tradies for transporting their various tools and equipment, the functionality and utility of ute camping canopies in particular is many and varied. With a range of options available, there’s plenty of opportunity and scope for finding the particular solution for your individual needs. 

Benefits of 4WD ute canopies

1. Secure storage

Work tools, sports gear or camping equipment… A high quality canopy provides ample storage space in a secure and lockable environment. Many of the best ute canopies offer additional safety and security options for extra peace of mind.

2. Ease of solution

While the process of installing a ute canopy will depend on a number of specific factors related to your particular application, canopies are relatively easy to both install and remove. This offers ute and 4WD drivers maximum flexibility in the way they use their vehicles. 

3. Weather protection

4WD canopies offer more than just protection from would-be thieves. It doesn’t matter if you’re out working onsite or camping off-road, the harsh Australian climate can cause havoc on your gear and equipment if it’s not protected in a durable and high quality canopy. 

4. Functionality

4×4 ute canopies can even improve the overall functionality of your car. More balanced and compact storage will allow you to make the most of your fuel efficiency even when transporting many goods or items at once. 

How to install ute Canopies for your 4WD

When you’re looking at the right canopy for your ute or 4WD, you should focus on one of three installation options. 

1 – ​​Well body or Tub

Some ute tray canopies are installed by being attached to the well body or tub style of your tray. Even if your vehicle doesn’t already have a tub, there are plenty of quality second-hand options available on the market. 

2 – Tray

Another common version of a ute canopy is the flat tray. Some 4WD utes come from the factory with an already flattened tray. But you may need to remove the fold down sides from your vehicle for this form of aluminium ute canopy as it is bolted directly to the floor of the vehicle. As far as installation goes, this type of canopy is probably easiest.

3 – Chassis mount

Your third canopy option is the chassis mount. Instead of having a tub or tray at the back of your ute, this canopy is installed directly onto the chassis of your vehicle. While still removable, this form of installation is stronger, more permanent and harder to take on and off.

Best types of ute canopies in Australia

Fibreglass canopies

Fibreglass canopies are a popular and practical option with a lot of potential for customisation and ease of installation.


  • It’s lightweight and promotes vehicle balance.
  • Fibreglass is very durable and a long-lasting material.
  • It requires low maintenance and is resistant to breakages and damage.


  • The lightweight nature of fibreglass means it will need extra support for roof-bearing cargo.
  • Custom ute canopies made of fibreglass can be expensive. 
  • A fibreglass canopy may require re-coating and can become brittle over the long-term. 

Canvas canopies

Canvas 4WD ute canopies are made of a steel or aluminium frame with a canvas cover over the top and are often complete with zip-accessible windows and/or doors.


  • Flexible and easy to customise.
  • More affordable ute canopy option.
  • Available in hardtop models.
  • Can be personalised in terms of colour and style.
  • Easy installation and removal.


  • Requires a little more maintenance to keep cleaned.
  • Is not as durable or secure as harder canopy materials.
  • Despite being weatherproof, the canvas can wear over time. 

Steel and aluminium canopies

Steel and aluminium canopies are ideal for working utes as well as camping vehicles. Whether you opt for steel, aluminium or a combination, these canopies can be fitted to your ute in any way.


  • Strong structural integrity and high durability.
  • Can be customised for your needs
  • Highly secure.
  • Aluminium is highly rust and corrosion resistant.


  • Significant heaviness to take in consideration. Though aluminium is significantly less heavy than steel. 
  • Can be pricier than other options, especially aluminium. 
  • Steel can be prone to rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of canopies?

When it comes to ute canopies, the three most popular types are: fibreglass, canvas and steel/aluminium. While all three types offer many benefits, the right ute canopy will depend on your particular application specifications. 

What are utes good for?

Ute tray canopies are excellent for storing, securing and organising work tools, camping gear or any equipment you need. With a quality canopy installation, you can rest assured that your items are protected from the weather, thieves and dust.

What is the most popular ute?

The best 4×4 utes in Australia range from year to year but the enduringly popular models include the Toyota Hilux or LandCruiser, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-MAX, Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara. 

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