Ultimate Guide to Ute ABS & Fibreglass Canopies 2022

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One of the fastest growing segments of the auto market is 4WD Utes, which is no surprise since they are such a versatile vehicle. Popular with both tradies and campers for their performance and load carrying capacity, one of the best improvements you can make to your Ute is add a canopy to the tray. Since canopies are very popular, Ute canopy prices are usually very reasonable and a great investment, particularly lightweight fibreglass canopies. So what are the benefits of Ute canopies and how do you know which type of canopy is best for your needs?

Why do I need a Fibreglass canopies for utes?

Ute canopies keep all your tools and gear safely stored away from not only the elements, but also from thieves, because you can lock the windows and access panels. When you add a good quality draw system, canopies can also help to keep order to your tools, equipment and camping gear, helping you to find whatever you need easily, as well as preventing damage to items that could otherwise roll around the back of the tray. You can also remove the canopy if that’s something that’s needed in the future, because canopies aren’t permanent structures. Ute canopy prices are also pretty stable, so you can usually get a good quality fibreglass ute canopies model for around $3000.

Choosing the right Ute canopy for your needs

You shouldn’t have any problem finding a fibreglass canopies for utes or ABS canopy to suit your requirements, because they are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit most budgets. Your main decision might depend on whether you want a work-dedicated Ute or a Ute for camping trips as well. If it’s just for work, you can look at lots of options for toolboxes and for carrying bulky equipment, but if it’s for camping as well, then you need more internal space, rather than equipment drawers. 

On the other hand, if your Ute is just for camping and pleasure, then there are options you can select from central locking, climate control and soft close windows to drawers and slide out kitchens. However, if you do a lot of remote driving and keeping dust away from your equipment is a big problem, then look for thermoplastic seals with special adhesives that are designed specifically to fix this problem. As mentioned above, Ute canopy prices will depend on the type of customisations you need, but a standard model might suit your needs admirably. 

Don’t forget that weight can be an issue

One of the reasons why fibreglass ute canopies are so popular is because they are very lightweight, so another factor to consider when selecting your canopy is your Ute’s GVM. Overloading your vehicle can lead to not only poor fuel efficiency, but it can also affect the steering and handling of your vehicle, making it unsafe on the road. It’s also not a good idea to stow gear on top of the canopy, unless it’s been designed for additional weight on the roof.

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