How to care for your aluminium ute canopy 2022


As aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers, we want you to enjoy your new custom made canopy for as long as possible, but how do you keep it looking awesome? After all, filling it up with tools, equipment, bags of cement, surfboards and all sort of rubbish, isn’t going to do much for keeping it in pristine condition! Hosing it down every now and again is a start, but let’s take a look at some of the strategies we recommend to our customers.

Keep your new canopy under cover

Hail, dust, bird and bat droppings can stain your new aluminium Ute canopy, and whilst they are easy to clean away (although bat dropping take a bit more elbow work to remove), they usually don’t irreparably damage your canopy. The problem is that you need to clean your canopy more often than normal, just to keep it looking good. It’s fair to say that turning up in a dirty truck covered in bird droppings won’t ingratiate you into the hearts of your customers, so if you park your Ute outside at night, it needs to be under cover. 

Whether that’s in your garage or under a carport, both will protect your new canopy from looking like you haven’t cleaned it in a decade! If you don’t have a garage or a carport, then buy one of those large tarps that are designed to cover vehicles and protect them from the elements. It doesn’t matter where you purchase your canopy, any of the aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers worth their salt will tell you to park your new canopy under cover to extend its life and keep it looking good.

Wash your canopy down – the right way!

One of the reasons why aluminium Ute trailers are very popular is that they don’t rust, which is great if you live in a coastal area. They do however oxidise over time, developing a dull, yellow patina that needs to be cleaned away on a regular basis. Some people tend to use an acid wash that can be bought in stores and is designed to make your aluminium canopy sparkling clean, which it does, but at the cost of your canopy’s integrity. 

These acid wash products eventually eat away at the aluminium, so all aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers will recommend that you don’t use these products on your canopy. Instead, use a simple mix of detergent and warm water to clean your canopy, avoiding any harsh chemicals. All you really need is a quick weekly wash to remove the majority of the dirt and grime that accumulates on the canopy. However, if you drive your Ute along the beach, always rinse the canopy in mild detergent water when you get home to remove the salt. 


If you haven’t washed your Ute in some time or you have been out bush and it’s covered in mud, then it will need a good clean. So remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge (using a mild detergent wash) and use a soft brush to scrub away anything that doesn’t want to be dislodged easily. Follow up with a thorough rinse in clean water to make sure that all the dirt, sand, salt and mud has been removed. All of these cleaning tips can be used on both powder finishes and regular aluminium finishes. 

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