Five of the best Ute storage systems

Under Tray Ute Drawer 1

Have you just bought a new or second-hand Ute? Whether you need a Ute for your job or you just love the versatility of these vehicles, think of all the upgrades you can now explore! One of the best and most practical of these upgrades are Ute storage systems. Instead of rummaging around in the back of your Ute for your tools or camping equipment, everything is stored safely away in drawers that slide open and closed effortlessly.

There are a variety of different drawer systems you can install in your vehicle, so let’s look at five of the most popular options.

1. Underfloor Ute storage systems

 If you are willing to reduce the internal height under your Ute’s canopy, you can install drawers that span the entire length and width of the Ute, covering them with a false floor. These Ute storage systems are ideal if you have a combination of smaller items that tend to get lost or broken in the back of your Ute and larger items that take up a lot of room. The drawers can be as deep or as shallow as you need, just remember that the deeper these drawers, the more internal height you sacrifice. However, when slid out to their total length, you can have a 10 or 12 drawer system making it easy to find whatever you need at a glance. Above the drawer system and on the false floor, you can store parcels, diving equipment, tools, tents, camping chairs and anything else that’s needed.

2. Under load space Ute drawers

The beauty of these Ute tray drawers is that they don’t take up any of the internal space in the back of your Ute. That’s because they are bolted underneath the tray or load space. This does mean that the drawer space is more limited than what’s available inside the back of your Ute, but it also means that you are creating storage space that didn’t exist before! These are ideal for locking away small items that you want to access quickly and easily when on the road.

3. Internal drawer storage systems

An internal system of drawers can be combined with the two systems above to maximise your Ute’s storage capacity. There are numerous choices available, from single and double drawer systems to shallow and segmented drawers, even deep single space drawers. The configuration of your Ute storage systems is only limited by the amount of available space in the back of your Ute (single vs double cabs), and the size and shape of the items you want to store in the drawers.

4. Fridge/generator drawer systems

Large bulky items such as fridges and generators are too big to manhandle in and out of your Ute. The simple solution is to install sliding drawer systems that hold these items securely, whilst allowing easy access when needed. Sliding these large items in and out of the back of your Ute makes your life a lot easier!

5. Custom storage systems

If you can’t find a storage system to suit your needs, you can always opt for a custom system that is manufactured to your specific requirements. They do cost more than standard drawer systems, but they are definitely worth the investment!

For help deciding which of our Ute storage systems is best for your situation, call Trailer Parts Direct on 1300 210 549 or send us an email enquiry.