Why Trailer Parts Direct is your One stop Shop for Ute Canopies


Aussies love their Utes and they love their Ute canopies even more! That’s why Trailer Parts Direct is your one stop shop for Ute canopies in Brisbane. We have a large range of high quality canopies, lots of accessories, and we even manufacture custom canopies, tailored to your exact needs. We have everything you need from standard options to fully custom fabricated models, all Australian made and to a very high quality.

At Trailer Parts Direct, we believe in customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on delivering our canopies on time, every time. We ship our products all over the world and have built a solid reputation for our honesty, integrity and our quality workmanship. Whether you’re a tradie who needs to carry lots of gear and equipment on the job or someone who loves heading outback for a camping trip – you can’t hit the road without an Aussie made Ute canopy

Trailer Parts Direct – Ute canopies in Brisbane

Canopies are one of the most popular additions for Utes in Australia. They not only keep all your equipment and gear safe and secure in the back of your Ute (because they can be locked), but they can also be fitted with drawer systems to keep everything neat and organised. At Trailer Parts Direct we have a range of canopies and accessories suitable for most budgets.

We not only provide Australian made Dunn & Watson Canopies to our customers, but we also provide a complete custom fabrication service. So whether you want a standard aluminium or fibreglass canopy or an aluminium canopy customised and tailored to your specific needs, Trailer Parts Direct have the right canopy for your situation and budget. Built to withstand the harsh Australian environment, all our canopies are built using high quality materials and parts. You won’t find a better quality canopy anywhere!

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make our canopies awesome, as well as some of the brands we sell. We’ll also explore our custom made options, and all the accessories you might need to maximise the functionality of your canopy.

Dunn & Watson Tourer Tray

The Dunn & Watson Aluminium Tourer Tray is made from lightweight aluminium and is custom built to your requirements. We can also build you a canopy to fit the Tourer Tray, so the whole back of your Ute is customised. The actual tray and wheel guards are manufactured from 3.0mm aluminium checker plate (we also have 4.0mm available), and it comes with MAXILAMP lights. Just about everything else is optional on this tray, so it depends on your needs and budget as to how far you want to take these customisations. Examples include double tapped side boxes, aluminium under trays, and side boards or rope rails. You can even leave the aluminium raw or we can powder coat it for you.

Mini Canopy

This Mini Canopy is made in Australia from 2.0mm aluminium checker plate. It’s only 1770mm wide by 700mm long and 900mm high. Of all the Ute canopies in Brisbane, this Mini Canopy fits nicely at the top end of your Ute next to the cab, leaving plenty of remaining space for additional gear and equipment. The doors open and close easily using gas struts and there’s a stainless steel piano hinge with a nylon cover to provide additional protection for the hinge from the weather. The folding T-handles are also made from stainless steel and the whole canopy is durable and long lasting.

MOD Series – Aluminium Ute Canopy

Made from lightweight aluminium checker plate, the MOD Series Aluminium Ute Canopy weighs in at 150kg. It’s 1.8m square and 90cm in height, taking up the back of your Ute. It has two access points – one at either side of the canopy with gas struts to assist opening and closing these doors. There are lots of modifications you can make to these canopies including powder coating the inside and outside (it looks awesome powder coated in dark grey!), roof racks, ladders, cage barriers, and much more – all in the same MOD Series.

Standard Aluminium Ute Canopy

The Standard Aluminium Ute Canopy is available in single, dual or extra cab models. It’s manufactured from 2.5mm marine grade aluminium checker plate. Widths for all models are 1770mm and heights are 850mm. The length for a single cab is 2400mm, a dual cab is 1800mm, and an extra cab is 2100mm. These canopies are fully TIG welded, rubber sealed and weather resistant. You also have three access doors that open upwards, all with full length stainless steel piano hinges and gas struts. There are also plenty of extras available for these standard Ute canopies in Brisbane.

Mean Mother Fibreglass Canopies

Designed to fit most popular dual cab Utes, the Mean Mother Fibreglass Canopies feature a heavily reinforced roof, LED interior lighting, three different window options, carpet lined interior and central locking. Since the roof is reinforced you can carry ladders, boats and canoes up top (always check the weight ratings first), and the different window options increase the functionality of the canopy. It only weighs 100kg and is 1800mm square and 100mm high. Mean Mother Canopies are designed to fit specific Ute models, including Ford Ranger, Amarok, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and so on. Check our webpage for more specifics.

Trailer Parts Direct – Custom Made Ute canopies

If you’re in the market for a custom made canopy, then Trailer Parts Direct has you covered. We can design and manufacture any type of canopy for your Ute, simply because we specialise in custom fabrications. Your custom made Dunn & Watson Canopy is made in Australia and comes with gas strut assisted doors, stainless steel piano hinges, folding T-handles and is made from 2.00mm aluminium checker plate. You also have a braced frame and doors for additional strength and water seals around the doors. There are plenty of options for your custom made canopy, ensuring that it matches your exact specifications.

We can also manufacture fridge slides, toolboxes, security mesh, spare wheel carriers, cargo drawers, as well as aluminium canopies. All fabricated to your exact specifications. We also have a huge range of high quality locks, seals and hinges, making us a leader in industrial hardware to the Australian Market. We offer pickup or fitting, depending on your location. So let’s take a look at some of our customised canopy and tray options.

Dunn & Watson Tradie Tray

The Dunn & Watson Tradie Tray is a totally custom built mode. It’s built in Brisbane at our factory and ships anywhere in Australia. Manufactured from 3.0mm aluminium checker plate (4.0mm is optional) with 4.0mm wheel guards, this tray weighs around 120kg (1800mm by 1800mm). As with the Tourer Tray mentioned above, everything else is optional. So you can have a headboard, double tapered side boxes, custom aluminium under tray drawers, side boards, rope rails, and powder coating (also optional and definitely worth the investment!). We can also manufacture a canopy to fit these Tradie Trays.

Trailer Parts Direct – Canopy Accessories

Whatever you need to increase the functionality of our Ute canopies in Brisbane, Trailer Parts Direct either has it in stock or we can manufacture it! Let’s take a look at some of the accessories you can purchase today on our website.

Mean Mother Accessories

If you purchase a Mean Mother Fibreglass canopy, then you’ll want to buy their accessories as well. We have a Mean Mother Dual Battery Isolator that allows the alternator to charge two batteries at the same time. We also have a Mean Mother Equaliser Strap designed to evenly distribute your Ute’s load when connected to two rated recovery points, as well as the Mean Mother Snatch Straps you will also need. Then there’s the Mean Mother Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit, the Mean Mother 11000kg 4WD Recovery Kit, Mean Mother Dual Battery Monitor, and so on.

Canopy Control Panels 

Available with or without a redarc charger, these Canopy Control Panels are the ideal solution to managing power in your canopy. They’re pre-wired and ready to go, all you need to do is to plug in your battery system and you can manage your power. Canopy Control Panel with Redarc Charger includes a BCDC25 DC to DC charger. The powder coatings not only protect these control panels from rust, but they look snappy in the back of your Ute. Check out the web pages for more specifications.

Dunn & Watson Off Grid Canopy Power Kit for Ute canopies in Brisbane

The Dunn & Watson Off Grid Canopy Power Kit is ideal for people who travel off road. The kit includes a power board with DC2DC charger, battery charger and pre-wired plug & play outlets for both solar power and inverters. It also includes an enerdrive ePower 1000w True Sine Wave Inverter, Enerdrive ePower B-TEC 125Ah lithium battery and two 100w Enerdrive solar panels. You can also purchase a model with a massive 2000w True SIne Wave Inverter

Control Panel Wiring Kit

To suit the Canopy Control Panels, you can purchase a Control Panel 10m Wiring Kit or a 10m DC to DC Wiring Kit. The latter wiring kit suits the Canopy Control Panel with Redarc Charger.

Jack Off Canopy Legs

Available in the required 4-leg packs, these heavy duty double pronged design Jack Off Canopy Legs have a weight capacity of 250kg per leg. Made with a galvanised finish, they are ideal for lifting your canopy off your Ute when you need to use it for a trip to the dump or to bring large items home from the shops or landscapers. Simply insert all four legs into your canopy and you can either manually wind the canopy up and off the Ute or use a drill to wind the mechanism. Drive the Ute from under the canopy and then drive it back in and lower the canopy back into position. These legs temporarily give you back your Ute and massively increase the functionality of Ute canopies in Brisbane.

Canopy Roof Racks

If your canopy can support the weight of a roof rack, then the Dunn & Watson Roof Rack is the perfect accessory. Designed to suit Dunn & Watson Canopies, it also fits many other canopies as well. Made from laser cut aluminium, the Dunn & Watson Roof Rack only weighs 30kg and measures 180cm by 130cm and 25cm. It has strap holes down the sides and a stylish mesh floor, giving you lots of places to secure your load. If you want a lightweight roof rack, you can’t go past this one by Dunn & Watson.

Rear Tray Window Protector

Made from aluminium with a raw finish (powder coating is an option) this laser cut Rear Tray Window Protector not only helps to protect the rear cab window, but also provides numerous strapping points for your loads. If anything tends to move around in the back of your Ute, installing one of these window protectors is a very sensible idea. They also look very stylish!

Ute Tray Drop Sides

Perfect for tradies, these Ute Tray Drop Sides are Australian made and can be installed in brand new trays or existing trays. They have adjustable tie down tracks to secure your loads, and can be fitted to single, dual and extra cab Utes. All the fittings are stainless steel and each kit comes with all necessary accessories. 

Generation 3 Sliding Floor Tub Slide

If you have ever had trouble accessing hard to reach areas of your tray, the Dunn & Watson Sliding Floor Tub Slide was designed with you in mind! Essentially, it’s a false floor that slides out the back of your tray and with a capacity of 200kg it massively increases the functionality of Ute canopies in Brisbane. The Floor Tub Slide extends to 75% of its length, making it very easy to grab hold of equipment at the back of your tray. Designed as a heavy duty product, it’s powder coated and will bring a smile to any tradie’s face!

 4WD & Trailer Aluminium Wheel Arches

These Dunn & Watson 4WD & Trailer Aluminium Wheel Arches are heavy duty mud guards made in Australia and are great for Utes, particularly if you drive outback and in wet and muddy conditions. Each guard weighs 10kg, so they are definitely heavy duty options, not only giving your wheels added protection, but also looking very stylish and smart on the road.

Canopy Cargo Drawers

Available in a range of standard sizes (as well as custom made options), these Dunn & Watson Canopy Cargo Drawers are designed to clear the 50mm lip on your canopy. Built from 3.0mm aluminium, these drawers can be stacked horizontally or vertically, and help to maximise the use of space in the back of your Ute. They’re ideal for tradies and campers alike.

Under Tray Drawers

Available in 1800mm, 1500mm, 1200mm, 900mm and custom made sizes, these Under Tray Drawers run on a base mount drawer slide system. They feature a fold out bench with gas struts to help lift the lid off the bench drawer, and the whole unit glides in and out easily under the tray. Under Tray Drawers increase both the storage and functionality of your Ute and are definitely worth the investment.

If you are searching for quality manufacturing and Australian made Ute canopies in Brisbane, Trailer Parts Direct is your one stop shop! We have everything you need from standard and custom fabricated canopies, trays, and accessories. Check us out at Tingalpa in Brisbane, call us on 1300 210 549 or browse our website for more information.