10 Best 4WD Accessories For Camping

What are the best 4WD accessories?

If you’re planning on packing up the four-wheel-drive and heading out on an off road adventure, you need to ensure you have the best 4WD accessories.

Being prepared for any and all situations is about more than just ensuring your adventure isn’t disrupted. It’s about making sure that at all times you’re safe, your vehicle is stocked, and your gear is functionable and reliable.

There is no shortage of 4WD accessories on our online store and from other suppliers in the market. So, how do you know which essential pieces of equipment you need and which are the best accessories to complement your future four-wheel-drive activities? 

Before we dive in, let’s make sure we know what 4WDs are and how to use these handy vehicles properly. 

What is a 4WD?

A four-wheel-drive vehicle, often shortened to 4WD or even 4×4, uses two axles to provide torque to all four wheels at the same time.

Some cars offer 4WD as a function, while others are always in all-four-wheel-mode. Either way, this functionality provides better traction and allows drivers to head off road, over rough and uneven terrain, and across a variety of different surfaces.

When you should use a 4WD

There are many scenarios in which one could, should and would use a 4WD. If you have a heavy duty task, like hauling a trailer or boat, a four-wheel-drive would be more suitable than a standard automobile. 

Additionally, as mentioned above, if you’re driving off of a bitumen track or tar road and on rugged or uneven terrain, a 4WD is less likely to get you stuck, damage your car or slip in unfavourable conditions whether it’s sand, snow or mud.

When you shouldn’t use a 4WD

4WDs are more suitable to rougher terrain and surfaces, and while they can be used for general city driving on smooth, dry streets, it’s not the ideal use for such vehicles. If your 4WD can turn off its all-wheel mode, it is recommended that you do exactly that unless you need the four wheels to all work for a reason. 

Moreover, driving a 4WD is not just about having a sense of adventure. There is a certain amount of skill and experience which will be instrumental in ensuring you don’t get stuck or worse while you’re out in the wild.

If you’d like to find out more about how and when to use a 4WD click here.

The advantages of 4WD for camping

There are many advantages to using a 4×4 on your camping adventure. For one thing, the vast array of 4WD camping accessories will make life more convenient and predictable.

Storage space

Four-wheel-drives are larger vehicles than the average sedan car. This allows you to store more gear, equipment and necessary accessories. Plus, there’s plenty of scope for further customisation with roof racks, drawer slides and a whole lot more.


Being in a 4WD means that your camping adventure won’t be restricted to the places your car can reach. Four-wheel-drives can go wherever you need so that no matter where your camping trip takes you, your vehicle can keep up.


4WDs, due to their height, design and manufacturing, allow for increased levels of safety. Whether it’s keeping your gear secure and away from prying, thieving eyes, or simply ensuring that the people travelling with you are as safe as possible, a 4WD is the best option. 

The 10 best 4WD accessories for camping

Which 4×4 accessories are best? What sort of equipment do you need? 

These are the 4WD essential accessories we most highly recommend you invest in for the ultimate off-road, camping adventure.

1. Fridge

We’ll start with one of the more obvious 4WD car accessories: a portable fridge. From keeping your beers icy cold for a celebratory end of day BBQ to ensuring your food for survival is kept fresh, having a fridge available in your 4WD is a must!

2. Drawers

Sliding drawers installed in your 4WD are a real game changer. You can fit more equipment, keep them better organise and enjoy more convenient access whenever you need it. Trailer Parts Direct stocks a wide range of drawers and can even custom fabricate a solution to suit your specific needs. 

3. Water Tanks

What sort of 4WD accessories and camping gear could be more important than storage facilities for fresh water. Water tanks can be installed in your four-wheel-drive and provide invaluable peace of mind that you’ll have drinking water on hand.

4. Camper Wheel Chock

When you’re using a 4WD on your camping trip, you’ll often be using adjoining canopies, rooftop tents or other camping gear. For that reason having camper wheel chocks is essential. They’ll ensure that your 4WD will stay parked in place and securely stationery no matter how uneven or sloping the terrain. 

5. Portable Table for Car Tow Hitch

Just because space is at a premium when you’re camping, doesn’t mean you can’t pack some highly convenient 4WD accessories to make life that little bit more comfortable on the road. A portable table that connects to the car’s tow hitch offers exactly that. 

6. Slide Out Trailer Kitchen with Burner

If you’re looking to take your camping trip to the next level, a slide out trailer kitchen with an in-built burner may not be essential but it’s certainly one of the best 4WD camping accessories.

7. Vents

4WD and canopy vents are highly practical for helping to improve airflow and make your entire journey healthier and more comfortable. While not the most exciting of accessories, it’s an absolutely essential part to add to your vehicle. 

8. Solar Panels

As an Aussie camper, you likely have as healthy a respect for the harsh Australian sun as we do. Fortunately, that power can be used to your advantage as well. Solar panels attached to your 4WD’s roof can offer useful and long-lasting power wherever you choose to make camp. 

9. Tyre Deflator and Inflator

While your 4WD can go just about anywhere your camping adventure will take you, that doesn’t mean there’s no work to be done. A tyre deflator and inflator will allow you to easily prepare your vehicle for travelling along the soft sand of a beach, across the muddy terrain of a creek or even over slippery snow.

10. Tool Kit

Things can and at some point probably will go wrong. When that happens, having a handy tool kit will ensure you can make necessary and/or emergency repairs so that you can get back on the road (or back on the off-road as it may be) without the stress or delay. 

TPD – the home of the best 4WD accessories

Have you checked out our 4×4 accessories online store? We stock all of the best 4WD accessories and equipment we’ve listed above and a whole lot more. 

Plus, if you need any tips for getting started four-wheel-driving or finding the right accessories for you, the Trailer Parts Direct is always here to help as well.