10 Best Cargo Drawers For 4×4

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Cargo drawers for 4WDs are a highly practical solution for use in four-wheel-drives of all types. However, with many options available, finding the best cargo drawers for you is easier said than done.

To guide you, we’ll answer all of your burning questions and direct you towards the top 10 best cargo drawers for four-wheel-drives and ute canopies

What are cargo drawers?

Cargo drawers are installed in 4WDs to provide usable, accessible and easy to organise drawers in which to store everything from camping gear, to work tools, clothes, fuel and even food and water.

Designed to be highly user friendly, cargo drawers are easy to install and intuitive to use. Moreover, by keeping your equipment stored in cargo drawers you’ll be making the most of every square centimetre of the precious space your vehicle has available. 

How do you install drawers for 4×4?

1. Prepare the cargo drawers

First you’ll need to lie the cargo drawers on a flat surface and remove the fixed top of the draw. While you can fit the drawers with the roller top left in place, we recommend removing it. Then remove the tie down points and the socket head screws, as well as the stoppers that your cargo drawers come with. 

2. Prepare the installation points

With your cargo drawers ready, mark out where the mounting points are going to be in your vehicle. That way you can adjust the mountain rail on your cargo drawer drawers. Once the rails are in position and line up with the holes, you’ll be ready to install them. 

3. Install the cargo drawers

Line up your 4WD cargo drawers into the right position and put the mounting bolts in place. Then fasten the cargo drawer by the mounts and tighten the entire drawer frame into place. Once the frame is in place, you can replace the drawers as well. Fit the stoppers before closing the drawer and then replace the top of the drawers and ensure the tie down points are secured. 

The advantages of cargo drawers for your 4×4

Cargo drawers are popular additions to vehicles in Australia for the many benefits and advantages they provide. 

  • Space utilisation – make the most of the valuable space in your four-wheel-drive.
  • Organisation – keep all your gear organised when you’re onsite working or off road adventuring.
  • Security – knowing your equipment and items are securely and safely stored away will give you invaluable peace of mind. 

The disadvantage of cargo drawers for 4x4s

There are two main reasons why you may want to consider whether or not cargo drawers are right for you.

  • Cost – While Dunn and Watson is a leading provider of hardware and vehicle accessories, aluminium cargo drawers included, with competitive prices to boot, there’s still an investment that needs to be made to modify and fit-out your four-wheel-drive.
  • Installation – Apart from the actual process of installation itself, which our team can help you with, putting a set of cargo drawers in your 4WD does limit what else and how else you can use that space. Of course, nothing is irreversible but we wouldn’t recommend putting in cargo drawers in your 4×4 if you’re not going to want to use them regularly. 

The 10 best cargo drawers

To browse through our extensive selection of cargo drawers, make sure to click here. To help you narrow down your options, here are our top best cargo drawer selections to take under consideration. 

1. Tray Ute Drawers

If you use a ute over the course of your work day, a series of tray ute drawers can’t be beat. They’re an economical and effective way to safely and securely store your work tools and equipment. With plenty of sizes and styles of ute cargo drawers available, you’ll find the right one for you.

2. Aluminium Drawers

There are many benefits to aluminium cargo drawers for 4x4s and utes. The high grade aluminium we use at Dunn and Watson is highly durable, strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. This means your aluminium cargo drawers will be able to keep pace with your work day or offroad trip.

3. Eco Series Cargo Drawer

Our Eco Series of cargo drawers for 4x4s offers a lightweight solution without compromising any of the strength and durability of our other drawer options. Designed and made in Australia specifically for the Australian environment’s conditions, they’re an excellent choice for just about any vehicle. 

4. Economy Cargo Drawer

This modular solution is perfect for integration in canopies or 4WD. With both standard and custom cargo drawer options available there’s just about no application where a set of compact, useful economy cargo drawers can’t be used.

5. Canopy Cargo Drawers

Canopy cargo drawers are designed specifically to be integrated in a ute canopy or other similar application. The drawers themselves can be customised to suit your specifications and measurements, and with our precise fabrication facilities we can craft perfect fitting drawers for any canopy set up. 

6. Caravan Tunnel Boot Drawer

When you’re modifying your caravan, take advantage of every nook and cranny with our caravan tunnel boot drawer. Lockable, accessible and convenient, you’ll be surprised just how life changing having access to a drawer in your tunnel boot can be.

7. Canopy Kitchen

Nothing says taking camping to the next level like a pull out canopy kitchen. Whether you want burner stoves, sinks or a portable fridge installed as well, your canopy kitchen can be made and installed to suit your needs and preferences. 

8. Cargo Drawer with Slide Out Bench

Who doesn’t want extra working space? It doesn’t matter whether you need another surface with which to work with your tools or want some added area to prepare for dinner at the end of another busy day camping. A simple slide out bench in your cargo drawer is more than a luxury, it’s an essential!

9. Roller Drawer Systems

Roller cargo drawer systems use smooth action roller slider mechanisms to make accessing your equipment seamless. Plus, with lock-in and lock-out functionality, you can be parked on uneven terrain or even on the side of a hill and not have to worry about the safety of opening or closing your drawers. 

10. Cargo Drawer with Fridge

There’s just about no limit on what you can do with 4WD cargo drawers. For example, a portable fridge on an easy to use drop-down fridge slide allows you to access all the food and drink you need without the fuss or inconvenience.  There are plenty of fridge and fridge slide options to suit both your cargo drawer set up and vehicle. 

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