Fridge Slide vs Drawer Fridge: Which is better?

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Fridge Slides: The options

When it comes to incorporating a fridge slide into your four-wheel-drive, ute canopy or caravan you might be surprised to know there is more than just one option available. 

While both fridge slides and drawer fridges are excellent choices and both ensure you enjoy access to cold food and drinks whenever you need, there are subtle differences in the benefits and applications of each one. 

So, which is better? Let’s dive in and find out!


What is a fridge slide?

The basic fridge slide is exactly what it sounds like: A sliding tray that operates on a mechanism that can be pulled out and pushed back in. Your portable fridge then sits on top of this tray and slides out along with the base whenever you need it.

The fridge slide is mounted directly onto your vehicle with the fridge then secured separately (and bought separately). There are different types, sizes and styles of fridge slides with the most common and popular alternative being the drop down fridge slide. 


What is a drawer fringe?

The drawer fringe is–again, in line with its apt name–a fringe/drawer combination. This compact system is a self-contained fridge unit which is opened in the same manner as a drawer. When you want to access the food or drink stored inside, you simply open the fridge by sliding out its front door.

Unlike the fridge slide, the drawer fringe does not come in two units. The fringe itself incorporates the drawer and thus it does not require independent slides to operate on.


Fridge Slide vs Drawer Fridge Comparison


The fringe slides from Dunn and Watson come in a wide range of sizes depending on the application, vehicle space and sized fridge. This means that they all weigh varying amounts. Of course, without the fridge itself on top it’s unlikely that the weight of the slides alone is going to exceed that of the fridge drawer. 

The Dunn and Watson Evakool Fridge Drawer, by comparison, weighs 28 kilograms independent of any contents. As it is a self-contained fridge and drawer system, it makes sense that it would weigh more than just the fridge slides component itself. 


Fridge slides come in a range of different sizes to accommodate fridges anywhere from 50-litres in capacity to 95-litres and more. With Dunn and Watson custom fabrication, you can even order personalised fridge slides to suit unusually large or shaped fridges.

The fridge drawer, on the other hand, has a set capacity, such as 40-lites and being a self-contained product has significantly less customisation potential. 


Both the fridge slide and fridge drawer are made from metal (aluminium specifically in the case of the slide).

The metal exterior ensures durability over the long term especially with repeated and frequent use. Due to the general nature of application (i.e., vehicles) both types of fridges tend to be exposed to a wide variety of elements and other factors. That’s why it’s important they’re made from hardy material, such as metal. 


Ultimately, the fridge slide is going to be more expensive. Why? While the slide itself is similarly priced to the drawer fridge, it does not include the fridge itself. This will need to be bought and installed separately. 


When to choose the fridge slide

  1. For large fridges

With more variety in sizes and designs, the fridge slide offers more potential for holding larger and heavier portable fridges. If space in your vehicle isn’t a problem and you’re looking for as large a fridge you can get, the slide route is probably best.

  1. Drop down functionality

If you want your fridge to slide open and drop down to a convenient height for simpler and easier access, you’ll need to choose fridge slides. Whether your fridge is a side, front or top opener, there are plenty of drop down fridge slides to suit.

  1. Permanent fit outs

Considering the fact that the fridge slides need to be installed independently in your vehicle, they’re better suited for permanent fit outs. 

  1. Custom applications

As mentioned above, Dunn and Watson’s onsite fabrication services mean that we can custom manufacture fridge slides to suit your specifications. Unlike the drawer fridge, the slides can be made to fit just about any reasonable size!


When to choose the drawer fridge

  1. Tighter budgets

Due to the fact that the fridge slide needs to be purchased in addition to the fridge itself, the drawer fridge is actually the more cost effective of the two options.

  1. Space is a premium

If you’re operating out of a smaller vehicle or need to retain extra space in your canopy or four-wheel-drive for other items, the drawer fridge could be the better option. Smaller and more self-contained, it can be more easily incorporated in tighter spaces.

  1. Simple installation

If you want a simpler installation process, the drawer fridge may be your optimal go-to. With no additional fridge slide required, the all-in-one unit can be added to your vehicle with no fuss.


Explore our fridge slides today!

At the end of the day, whether the fridge slide or drawer is best will depend on you and your application. If you need any custom advice or assistance, make sure to reach out to the Trailer Parts Direct Team or check out our range of fridge slides for yourself today!

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