Benefits of Getting a Customised Canopy for your Vehicle

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Custom Ute Canopies

There are many benefits to installing and using a ute canopy on your vehicle’s tray, and custom ute canopies take this to a whole new level!

At Trailer Parts Direct we offer custom fabrication across a range of products, including tray canopies.

So, is it worth the cost?

Should you invest in a custom tray and canopy?

Read our comprehensive breakdown of the many benefits for getting a canopy customised for your vehicle.


What exactly is a canopy?

Ute canopies, sometimes also called tray canopies, are structures that are added onto the tray section of the utility vehicle. There are many different sizes and designs of canopies and while all feature walls and a roof, some even include windows and doors.

Canopies are endlessly useful. They can be used to keep tools, equipment, camping gear and other content organised and safe. Plus, they allow for additional modifications such as pull-out fridges, camping kitchens, toolboxes and a whole lot more.


Why should you get customised canopies?

Ute canopies can be modified and installed on a range of different vehicles. Depending on your particular preferences and application, different types of canopies can be more or less suitable.

Nevertheless, if you’re really after a solution that is tailored to suit exactly what you need, a custom canopy is the way to go. 

Unique design

First and foremost, custom canopies by definition are made specifically according to the dimensions and requirements you provide. If you need a unique design, or have a uniquely designed ute you need a complementary canopy for, a custom solution is absolutely the best solution.

Security and protection

Canopies in general provide added security and protection for your items both whilst in transit and when parked. Would be thieves, damaging elements, weather and moisture, and even loss and damage whilst driving can all be deterred and minimised with the right canopy solution. With a custom job you can choose the accompanying locks, material and design to best suit your security needs without compromising access or usability. 

Load capacity

Each ute canopy is limited in its load capacity based on the design and the size of the tray. With a custom aluminium canopy our team can take your intended load into consideration. This means more space allocated to the areas you want (for example, for a pull out camping kitchen) and less for the parts you don’t!

Ultimate organisation

All canopies help you to organise your possessions and keep everything you need where you want it to be. However, if you want to take organisation up a level, a custom canopy is your best option. By having a say in the design of the canopy itself, you’ll enjoy a solution that’s made to work your way rather than the other way round. 

Perfect fit

A custom tray and canopy offers the added benefit of being literally made to fit. While many of the standard options are quite generic and therefore work on a range of vehicle applications, there’s nothing quite like a custom designed and manufactured product to fit as flush as flush can be. 

Potential savings

While there may be additional costs in arranging a customised canopy solution today, for many would-be tradies, campers and four-wheel-drivers there’s a lot of potential savings down the line. By having a canopy that’s made to suit all of your needs and with your particular application in mind, there’s less likely to be a need for additional modifications, accessories or fit-outs in the future. Think of it as a longer term and more economical investment. 


What are the best types of canopies?

Aluminium Canopies

Custom aluminium canopies are the most popular option. Aluminium, being both hardy yet relatively lightweight, brings all the durability you need to the road. You can rest assured that your items will be kept safe and secure. Plus, being easy to work with, custom canopies made from aluminium are even easier to get perfect.

Canvas Canopy

Canvas canopies prioritise easy access and flexible storage capacity over security. If you’re not as concerned with guarding the contents of your canopy, but want a versatile option that suits the particulars of your needs, canvas is a strong option. 

Steel Canopies

Steel canopies are another excellent choice. As a metal, like aluminium, steel can more than stand up to the harsh environmental elements and factors your vehicle is likely to be exposed to. Another benefit of steel is its aesthetic, which some people prefer over the alternatives. 


Start Designing Your Custom Ute Canopy Today!

The Trailer Parts Direct team is always ready and willing to lend a hand putting together a custom canopy for your needs. If you’re ready to get started designing or even if you need some assistance putting your thoughts to ‘paper’, get in touch with our team today.

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