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Water Tank Accessories

Key Lockable Filler Cap


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

30L Vehicle Water Tank


Caravan / Camper Trailer Tank

65L Trailer Water Tank


Caravan / Camper Trailer Tank

100L Trailer Water Tank


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

23L Vehicle Water Tank


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

20L Side Board Water Tank


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

15L Vehicle Water Tank


Caravan / Camper Trailer Tank

80L Trailer Water Tank


Caravan & Campers

Hand Pump


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

20L 4×4 Water Tank


Automotive / Ute Tray Water Tanks

60L Vehicle Water Tank

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Base Mount Drawer Runners

100Kg Base Mount Drawer Slides – Zinc

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Locks and Handles

Rod Slam Latch


Locks and Handles

Medium Paddle


Folding T-Handles

Whale Tail – Chrome


Folding T-Handles

Standard Tongue


Folding T-Handles

Power Whale Tail Black

$195.00 $165.00

Folding T-Handles

Non Locking Drop T


Locks and Handles

Small Paddle


Folding T-Handles

Bent Tongue


Grab Handles

Plastic Grab Handle

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Caravan & RV Windows

Caravan & Canopy Windows

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Quality Caravan Accessories for Aussies

At Trailer Parts Direct, we have a large range of caravan accessories to make your holiday or trip as easy as possible. From foam & rubber seals to 4WD water tanks, locks and handles, drawer slides and RV spare parts – we even have the kitchen sink!

Caravan Accessories – Foam & Rubber Seals

We have a large range of foam and rubber seals that are perfect for keeping water and dust out of caravans, camper trailers, toolboxes and canopies. These caravan accessories include foam tapes, truck door seals, pinchweld rubber seals and self-adhesive D seals. Whatever caravan accessories you need for your trip – always check Trailer Parts Direct first!

Caravan Accessories – 4WD Water Tanks

Bolt one of our 4WD water tanks under your truck or Ute tray, even the camper trailer and with an extra 15, 23, 30 or 60 liters of fresh water, you are good to go! These 4WD water tanks even come with a hand pump that is ideal for lots of applications.

Caravan Accessories – Locks & Handles

When you need hard wearing and tough locks and handles, we have one of the largest supplies online in Australia. Select from stainless steel recessed folding T Handles, paddle handles, compression locks, swing handles and lots more. Our range of Caravan Accessories goes on and on!

Caravan Accessories – Drawer Slides

With one of the largest ranges of drawer slides online, you will never need to look anywhere else for your caravan accessories! Whether its for the caravan, camper trailer, toolbox or 4WD, we have every kind of drawer slide and drawer runner you can possibly need for your next trip.

Caravan Accessories – RV Spare Parts

If you are looking for a new door or window for your RV, then look no more! At Trailer Parts Direct we have a range of products that are suitable for RVs and caravans, direct from USA, Europe and ASIA – and we even have some that are made here in Australia. Check out our RV spare parts and fix up your caravan or RV today.