Electrical Essentials for Campers and Caravanners

The caravan electrical system must haves 

There are many different ways in which you can go about fitting out your campervan, caravan, trailer or ute canopy, but if there’s one thing you simply can’t head off-road without it’s a high quality caravan electrical system. 

It can be understandably overwhelming finding what you need from the vast range of caravan electrical accessories and parts available on the market. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on all things electrical solutions for your caravan or campervan. 

No electrical power is a no-no

There are many reasons why having the right caravan electrical connections and systems is essential.

Comfort and Safety

Whether you’re camping out in the bush on your own or settling down in a camping site, without reliable and safe access to electricity you won’t be able to connect your fridge, microwave, heater, light, kettle and more!


If you don’t have the right electrical systems for your caravan you’ll find your camping trip fraught with frustrating loss of power and disconnecting systems. Sometimes having unreliable power that cuts in and out is just as bad, if not worse, than having no power at all!

What you need from your electrical power

Emergency Power

While all experienced campers and caravanners go to great lengths to ensure emergencies are prevented, accidents happen. Having access to caravan electrical systems when and where you need it can often be critical in times of an emergency.

Appliance Power

From food preparation to general warmth and comfort, the right electrical connections and accessories will take your camping trip to a whole new level. You deserve to enjoy yourself!

Tools Power

Getting the tools, or toys for that matter, working often requires convenient access to a reliable power source. With the right caravan electrical system you can rest assured that you’ll have the power you need no matter where you go. 

Electrical essentials for campers

Canopy and caravan accessories

Are you fitting out your ute canopy or conducting some basic DIY on your caravan? Putting in some handy caravan electrical accessories is easy. From easy-read display units to canopy combination lights, there are a ton of electrical essentials to choose from.

Canopy power boards

Running all of your electrical appliances and accessories doesn’t have to be hard! With safety-rated canopy power boards you can enjoy all the comforts and necessities you need without worrying about having enough power outlets. 

Electrical kits

Trailer Parts Direct’s range of caravan electrical kits offer plenty of variety in how to set up your electrical system. Hooking up lights, heaters and refrigerators in a practical way is easy with the right kit.

Solar panels

The great Aussie sun can certainly be a danger when you’re out on the road and in the bush. However, with electrical solar panels designed and made specifically for caravans and canopies, you can harness the power of the sun to power your electrical accessories. 


Choosing the right battery can make or break your caravan electrical system. Take the Enerdrive Dual Battery Kit, for example which allows for your battery to be charged when the engine of your caravan or vehicle is on whilst dropping the voltage when the engine is off to reduce the risk of draining the battery. It’s all about ensuring functional access to electrical power for your accessories but without the hassle. 

Smart battery charger

The must-have smart battery charger should empower you to simply set and forget your caravan electrical system. Using multi-stage smart charging technology, you can ensure your battery banks are operating at fully powered functionality while you’re off enjoying yourself with your family and friends.

Bluetooth battery monitor

Speaking of power, when it comes to your electrical system knowledge is power too! Having access to battery monitoring systems, like an ePRO Plus Bluetooth dongle, means you’ll never be caught unaware again. Live readouts, status information and parameter values ensure you have the access to all the electrical power you need.

There’s no need to fight the power with Trailer Parts Direct

If you’re ready to stock up on the canopy and caravan electrical parts you need, our team is here to help. Our experts will be more than happy to chat through the particulars of your vehicle and camping trips to ensure you’re powered up and ready to head out on your next adventure.