Fridge slides – what are the best models and types?

Fridge slides – finding the right one for you

Your four-wheel-drive, caravan or trailer fit out just isn’t complete without your choice of the best fridge slides. From an aluminium fridge slide to tilt fridge slides, and from drop down fridge slides to standard slides, there’s plenty of choice available.

This can mean that finding the right model can be overwhelming. As a guide, we’ve put together this comprehensive article to ensure you know what to look for amongst our full range of slides across all product categories. 

Fridge Slides 101

What are they?

A fridge slide is a sliding drawer mechanism that can be hard mounted to your campervan, canopy or trailer. It allows you to slide your camping fridge out to make it and its contents all the more accessible.

Why do you need it?

Having a reliable refrigerator when you’re out on the road (or heading off road) is truly an essential. However, trying to utilise the space in your vehicle to its utmost potential can be harder than you first thought. Installing a fridge is one thing but easily accessing it whenever and however you need it is something else. Fridge slides are essential for allowing you to easily open and access your fridge without a hassle. 

How do they work?

Fridge slides work in much the same way as regular drawer slides. The fridge itself is mounted onto the custom fabricated sliding tracks. These tracks are built to be heavy duty and carry a specified weight capacity, so you can rest assured even a loaded fridge is secure.

The fridge then travels along the sliding tracks when the opening mechanism (often just a pulling lever) is engaged. The fridge will travel along the sliding tracks until it reaches the full extension point, which is when it is then fixed into place and ready to be safely opened and accessed. 

Most fridge slides also operate with gas strut assistance. Heavy fridges can be easily withdrawn, dropped, accessed and returned with minimal physical effort thanks to these struts. 

The team at Trailer Parts Direct are more than just 4WD and camping experts, we’re enthusiasts as well! So we’ve designed our fridge slides to operate with an easy motion, open to the fullest extent possible, offer easy closed position engagement, and ensure convenient access. 

Are there different types?

In short, yes. In long, see below for more details.

Suffice it here to say that there are many different options of fridge slides and they all offer different features and benefits. For example, a drop down fridge slide allows you to lower the height of the fridge making it even more accessible. A drop and tilt slide allows you to even change the angle of your fridge so that top lidded fridges are easier to use. 

Things to consider when choosing the right slide

There are many different factors to take into account when browsing through our range of fridge slides. Each model, size and make will be ideal for different applications. If you’re not sure, you can always call the Trailer Parts Direct team to help you at any point.

Size and shape

Size does count when it comes to your fridge slide. Dimensions do vary between different slides and the various opening or sliding mechanisms may require additional space in your vehicle.

When you’re looking at the size of the fridge slide in question, make sure to think about the amount of space in your vehicle or trailer. You’ll also need to consider the fridge itself, and take into account already installed fittings and modifications you’ve made to the vehicle. 

Due to the fact that fridges come in not just different lengths and widths but also shapes, it’s important that the fridge slide you’re considering is compatible with the product you’re fitting onto it. 

Opening functionality 

The opening style of your portable fridge isn’t just a matter of preference. You might certainly favour a top opening or side opening fridge, but you will also need to consider the configuration of your vehicle. Not taking into account how your vehicle is already modified or set up can make access to your fridge difficult. 

Think about what access to your fridge slide would be like by noting things like other doors, windows, items and hinge configuration. How much vertical space is available? That will also determine what sort of functionality you will require from your fridge slides. 

Carrying capacity

Fridges, even portable ones, can be heavy items especially once you start cramming them with foods, meats, drinks and beer.

All of our fridge slides come with specified weight bearing and carrying capacities. Always take care to note that the capacity is in line with the size and weight of your particular fridge. 

Extra features

As mentioned before, there are different types of fridge slides. Some offer tilt functionalities, some offer drop down features, and some even offer both!

Again, this consideration may come down to personal preference (and budget) but it might also be one of practical necessity. If your fridge slide is being installed at a high level, for example in a four wheel drive that can be significantly higher than other vehicles such as a ute canopy, you may require the additional feature of a drop down slide. 

Best Types of Fridge Slides

Easy Slide Models

Basic fridge slides are simple, easy to install and very functional. With a simple hard-mounted slide, these mechanisms will do exactly what you need and allow you to slide your fridge out whenever you feel like a cold one or a bite to eat. 

There’s still plenty of scope for customisation with both stainless steel and aluminium slides available. Not to mention additional accessories, such as tie down straps, clip on trays and cutlery rolls. 

Explore our range of easy fridge slides here.

Drop Down Slides

A drop down fridge slide offers extra convenience and accessibility. As expected, when you slide this fridge tray out, the fridge will drop at a safe, controlled speed once it reaches full extension. 

With smooth swing action and easy operation, it takes no extra effort at all. Plus, installation is just as easy as standard and basic fridge slides.

Drop down slides can lower fridges up to 30 centimetres and also come in either aluminium or stainless steel. Many feature lock-in and lock-out functionalities as well so you can ensure your fridge stays in the same place you left it. 

You can check out our range of drop fridge slides and drop down models online.

Sideways Tilt Slides

Convenient drop down fridge slides are not where the innovations end either! The sideways tilt fridge slides are particularly useful for top-acces fridges and saves you the pain of craning over to see and access your food and drink.

With a safe and controllable swing, when you slide the tilt fridge out it will then offer a sideways tilt towards you to help you easily get whatever you need.

There are plenty of sizes available to suit fridges of 50L and under in capacity to 95L and over, plus everything in between.

Explore the features and benefits of sideways tilt fridge slides here

Fridge cages and barriers

A fridge care, sometimes called a barrier, is an excellent accessory to go with the best fridge slides.

These cages can be installed around the fridge (when in the stowed away position) and helps to not just keep the fridge protected and in place when bumping around off road, but also prevent other items falling behind the fridge when in the open position.

The barrier also allows you to utilise any extra space above the fridge without having to worry about those items being carried forwards or falling behind when you slide the fridge out. 

Fridge Slide Bench

Fridge slide benches are made from high grade aluminium and can easily be added to just about any fridge slide. With extra features such as towel holders, hooks and tool spots this really is a must-have to turn your mobile kitchen and fridge unit into a workable and practical space. 

To check out these affordable accessories for yourself, click here.

Fridge slide installation

Installing fridge slides can be done by a professional or yourself, it’s really that easy! Fridge slides can be installed on an already existing drawer system or a pre-set up slide can be installed directly onto the floor of your vehicle. 

If the drawer system is already in place, adding the fridge slide on top is really your best option. Just remember that you will lose some height so take that into account when shopping for your slides and fridges.

Another thing to watch out for when it comes to built-in systems meant for drawers is that the top sliding ceiling doubles as the lid of the drawer. This means that when you’re retro-fitting your fridge you will need to make sure that it either fits beneath this or that if you replace it you won’t be able to store items on top of it anymore. 

Fridge slides that work for you!

At the end of the day the right fridge slide for you will depend on your personal preference, the dimensions and measurements of your vehicle and your needs.

Uniquely, Trailer Parts Direct also offers customisable fridge slides. So if you need something extra special out of your slide, you can always get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. We can tailor and fabricate a perfect solution for your trailer in no time!

Explore our fridge slides today

Trailer Parts Direct is really your one stop for everything campervan and caravan hardware, accessories and products, including fridge slides.

With a massive selection of Aussie-made slides perfect for Aussie conditions, you can choose the right locking/unlocking, tilt/drop, length, height and weight slide to suit your needs. Plus, extra accessories such as trays and cages are just a click away. Find out more by exploring our fridge slides today.