Cargo Drawers: The Best Drawer Systems 2022

canopy cargo drawer

Cargo drawers – finding the right system

If you’re a fellow enthusiast of offroad adventures, camping trips or just fitting out your four-wheel-drive, canopy or campervan with all the specs and kits possible, finding the best cargo drawer system is a must.

There are a ton of different types, designs, sizes and materials of cargo drawers. It can be hard to know which one is best for you. Trailer Parts Direct’s wide range of cargo drawers offer everything and anything you need. But to help you get started without getting overwhelmed, we’ll outline everything you need to know about finding the right system of aluminium drawers.

What are cargo drawers?

Cargo drawers are drawers that store cargo! In other words, they offer your vehicle a systemised and organised storage solution to use for gear, tools, camping equipment or just about any other items and contents you need. 

Designed to be heavy duty, easy to operate and use, accessible and functional, installing cargo drawers is a game changer for utes, four-wheel-drives and vehicles of all kinds. 

Fortunately, with the range in systems, sizes and types available you don’t have to worry if you can’t find the right style straight away. Just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. 

What to consider for your drawers

There are a number of different factors to choose from when it comes to cargo drawers. Here are some of the things you should consider.


Make sure to think about the size of not just the cargo drawers but of your vehicle’s space. You’ll need to make sure that there is enough room for the drawer system to be installed and function properly. It’s worth thinking about the types of items and content you intend on storing as well because the last thing you need is for your equipment not to fit or to waste space when a simple, small system of cargo drawers would have more than sufficed.


Aluminium cargo drawers make for some of the best systems thanks to its durability, hard wearing nature and weather resistance. There are other cargo drawers out there made from a wide range of different materials. Depending on your personal preference and intended application, some construction material may be more or less suitable. 


All of Trailer Parts Direct’s cargo drawers are made right here in Australia and from locally sourced products. The best cargo systems are made to Australian industry specification with the harsh Aussie climate in mind. 

Weather sealing

Even the highest quality of cargo drawer systems can be susceptible to trapped water, dust, dirt, and mud. Weather sealing and stripping is one excellent way to achieve an airtight and weatherproof system you can rely on. 

Secure items

Drawer systems that are not effective in storing your items securely are likely to cause a headache down the line. From rattling contents to broken tools, make sure that not only are the items secure inside the cargo drawer but that the system itself can be properly mounted, fitted and secured.

Additional features

From built-in kitchen systems to water tanks, there are many different features and functions that can be added to a cargo drawer system. Some, or all, of these additions may not be suitable or required for what you need but having customisability is always best. 


There’s certainly a cargo drawer to suit any fit out budget, but there is a range of prices across our stock. Make sure to consider the cost of a particular drawer system while bearing in mind your overall fit out costs as well. Luckily, we do offer various methods of payment–such as PayPal, AfterPay and Zip–to make the complete shopping experience as convenient as possible. 

How to build cargo drawer systems

Building cargo drawer systems is one way of creating a truly bespoke and customised system to suit your every need. Drawer systems can be built from scratch or assembled from different accessories and items bought online from Trailer Parts Direct.

However, if you’re looking for a professionally tailored cargo drawer solution, the best way to do so is to get in touch with our team. We offer custom fabrication services to suit your needs and will make sure to provide a pitch perfect solution for just about any application. 

Benefits of installing drawers to your vehicle

When you’re asking yourself the question of whether canopy or 4WD drawers are worth it, it’s important to understand what you’re trying to achieve through the installation and fit out. A robust and high quality system of cargo drawers can offer many advantages. 

If you’re a tradie working onsite, a fan of weekend four-wheel-driving, or love going camping there’s no doubt that cargo drawers can drastically improve the way you pack and access all your stuff.

Storage efficiency

While it’s true that four-wheel-drives, campervans, caravans and utes offer plenty of storage and space, nothing offers storage efficiency like a cargo drawer. With everything you need stored safely and neatly where you need, you won’t have to worry about anything being lost, misplaced or simply not fitting.

Easy packing

Heading out on an adventure in your four-wheel-drive, getting ready to head to a worksite, or preparing for camping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Cargo drawer systems allow you to feel organised and makes packing a lot easier. It’s efficient and hassle-free.

Space utilisation

What you are able to fit into a well designed and installed set of drawers compared to loosely in the back of your vehicle will really bowl you over. Making the most of the internal space of your vehicle is absolutely essential for road trips of any kind. 

Privacy and security

Secure cargo drawers allow you to keep your equipment out of sight and away from prying eyes. There’s no need to worry about expensive gear being visible to passers-by when you have a perfect drawer system to store it in.

Good for everyday

While optimal for four-wheel-drives and camping, cargo drawers offer plenty of benefits for everyday life. Whether you’re out shopping or just want to stash items in a non-visible place, it’s always handy to have compartments and drawers for storage in your vehicle. 

Camping utility

There are various cargo drawer systems that offer particular benefits for those who love camping and the outdoors. With mobile kitchen units built in, barbeque slide cargo drawers and even pantry systems all available the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can achieve. (Well, maybe the roof of your vehicle is the actual limit!)

The best cargo drawers and systems

The right cargo drawer system for you will mostly depend on what you plan on using it for and where you plan on installing it.

There’s a wide range of options to suit just about any application but here are the best cargo drawers and systems to help you narrow down your search. 

Under tray ute drawers

The under tray ute drawers system is the classic solution to your vehicular storage woes. These 3mm aluminium cargo drawers are made from high grade materials and offer key locking, weather sealing and gas strut lift assistance. The easy to operate base mount drawer slide system means that you can access whatever you need without anything getting in the way. 

Under tray slide out kitchen

If you’re ready to take your cargo drawer to the next level, the under tray slide out kitchen is one of the best options. When closed you can easily use the slide out tray as a bench and when opened you enjoy easy access to an in-built sink and dual burners complete with wind deflectors. This mobile kitchen unit is completely weatherproof and designed for use in hars Aussie conditions. 

Aluminium drawers

Our aluminium drawers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs to suit any application. While you can choose from cargo drawers with an in-built workbench, barbeque slide or kitchen unit, they all offer lock in and lock out functionality, welded corners for enhanced strength, and strap holes at the front and rear. 

Canopy cargo drawers

Making the most of your ute or 4WD canopy is easy with a set of canopy cargo drawers. Each different drawer system is designed specifically for practical use. The basic canopy cargo drawer offers plenty of storage space, while the canopy pantry, double drawers, and kitchen systems are great for purpose-specific functionality. 

Economy cargo drawer

The economy cargo drawer is made from Australian-sourced, high grade 3mm aluminium. The non-locking drawer slides can hold up to 125 kilogram in weight carrying capacity and it’s finished with a spring bolt latch for secure storing away. Most importantly, if you’re looking for a lightweight, ergonomically designed and affordably priced system, this eco services cargo drawer is the best.

Fridge slide drawer

Trailer Parts Direct provides multiple different fridge slide drawer systems in both 50L and under, and 60L and over dimensions. The pair of non-locking slides offer smooth functionality and uninhibited access, while the double layer of top and bottom drawer trays give you the maximum amount of storage space possible. 

Double canopy cargo drawer

Among the best cargo drawer systems for both storage and everyday use is the double canopy cargo drawer. This unique design offers both spacious storage and a slide out, high quality bench for working, food preparation or general use. With a lock in and lock out feature, both the drawer and bench will stay open or closed depending on your need.  

Canopy kitchen

This is one kitchen that can stand the heat! Designed for Australian conditions, the canopy kitchen drawer system is made from 3mm aluminium, features locking drawer slides, a fold out bench and sturdy lock in/out features. Easy to access, convenient to pack, and perfect for trips long or short, it’s simply a must for your full scale 4WD or canopy fit out.

Make sure to carGO with Trailer Parts Direct

Trailer Parts Direct provides ideal solutions for cargo drawer systems no matter the application. Whether you’re looking for a whole new storage fit out, a simple drawer or just easy access units, make sure to check out our extensive range of cargo drawers today.